Wildly Inspired Wednesday {Sheila Metzner}

When thinking of Mrs. Metzner’s life the Beyoncé lyrics, “Who run the world, GIRLS! Who run the world.. (You get it) come swiftly to mind. Sheila is virtually the Beyoncé of her time. She discovered her passion for photography after starting her family, which quickly grew into 5 children, who she has photographed ever since they were babies. Her work blossomed around her family but did not stop there She is one of contemporary photography’s most celebrated portrait, fashion, still life and landscape photographers. Her prints, made in France, by one of the worlds last great printers, are reminiscent of a Renoir painting, glowing dewy skin, warm tones, rich blacks and classic beauty are present in her timeless work. This image is from US Vogue March 1985.

Wildly Inspired Wednesday {Peter Cornelius}

Color. Peter Cornelius may not be the most famous street photographer in the world, he may have never gone to war or photographed reunited lovers on the streets of Europe and the US but, Peter Cornelius knew how to make colors his story. Like his poet friend Jaques Prévert, Peter told his story in a colorful array of characters and street scenes of Paris in the 50s and 60s as one of the first street photographers to use color film. 

 His most famous work, a book of photos by Cornelius and poetry by Jaques Prévert, Couleur De Paris took a little over 3 years for me to find and remains one of the most inspiring works I own. One of my favorite lines from the book reads, “Couleurs de Paris. Couleurs d’une ville, couleurs éclatantes et novelles Pour les voyageurs étrangers. Couleurs locales et journalières, couleurs effacées, oubliées par le citadin fatigué.”